Each of our Panasonic PerformArc Robotic Systems have high-speed ‘Ferris wheel” positioners and three independent servo motors that can weld low, mid or high volumes into single or progressive fixtures.


-AWS Certified Weld Inspectors on Staff
-Two 5-ton overhead cranes for heavy welding capacity


Jay Manufacturing Oshkosh, Inc. welders are certified in the following capabilities:
-AWS D1.1- Mild Steel: AWS D1.2/D1.2M – Aluminum; AWSD1.6M – Stainless Steel
-NAV SEA Tec Pub, 248/271
-G.M.A.W. (MIG) & G.T.A.W (TIG)
-Spot, Stick, Brazing, Soldering

Bluco Modular Fixturing

Modular Fixturing eliminates costly dedicated weld systems; dramatically reduces set-up time and provides unparalleled accuracy and flexibility. This fixturing, along with the unrivaled knowledge of our AWS-certified weld team provides our clients with the very best product available.